EZ Texting Review: An Great Alternative to FiveStars



EZ Texting Review: An Great Alternative to FiveStars

We’re kind of in a funny time. So many new technologies are appearing and being refined and tested to see what works, it’s sometimes hard for a business to decide what areas to invest in to drive engagement and ultimately sales.

One of those areas is SMS or MMS Text Message Marketing.

While the technology itself is not new, applications for it are. In the past, the largest obstacle to text message marketing was the limitations carriers put on the amount of text messages users could send or receive. I guess asking potential customers to pay for your marketing was never going to be a winning proposition. But that was then and text messaging now is largely free.

A separate issue is the fragmentation of the text messaging industry with the popularity applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line and Kakoa but if you have a cellular account in the U.S., you have access to SMS or MMS text messages.

And if you shop around locally, you’ll come across businesses using the FiveStars loyalty app, a text messaging loyalty program where customers can sign up by entering their mobile numbers on tablets. And while I believe this service to be a great investment, it’s also unnecessarily expensive. But I get it, FiveStars is charging an innovation premium for packaging inexpensive technologies into a simple platform for business owners who may not be tech savvy.

My problem is the technology doesn’t require you to be tech savvy.

It’s text messaging and they just built a platform around it. The reason for the high prices are the hefty commissions paid to the sales rep that signed you up. After having recommended the service to a number of clients, I looked into a less expensive alternative with most of the essential features and found Ez Texting, a service by CallFire.

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