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SquareSpace, Wix, and Weebly: 3 Problems with Website Builders
782 531 John Oh

There are many solutions to getting online and there are no shortages of software services or website builders like SquareSpace, Wix and Weebly. In fact, there’s plenty of buzz with…

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How to Sell Digital Products with WordPress
800 570 John Oh

Everybody should be selling something online. And if at all possible, that product should be digital. A book, a course, a report, or maybe membership to some exclusive content. It…

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4 Essential WordPress Security Plugins
1024 552 John Oh

If any of you have been following me for awhile you know how much I like WordPress as a content management system and the world mostly agrees with me. 48%…

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How the Guys at VAT19 are Turning Commercials into Entertainment.
658 370 John Oh

As a marketer, one of things I constantly think about are different ways to get the right people to view my client’s ads. And the most important thing to worry…

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LeadPages or ClickFunnels? An Agency Review
855 550 John Oh

The main purpose of most commercial websites are to generate leads. And to generate leads you need to create a sales funnel.

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etsy e-commerce
How You Should be Using Etsy
900 606 John Oh

Etsy is a great place to start your business but the minute you make your first sale you should be thinking about how your going to grow your business beyond…

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How Much Does a Website Cost? The Truth Behind The Numbers
870 382 John Oh

How Much Does a Website Really Cost? Pricing a website isn’t as easy as you may think. At my Web agency Ciplex, we regularly receive questions from people who want…

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